Impaired Driving

Roadside Driving Prohibitions – What you need to know from our Vancouver law firm

Posted on August 8, 2012

Since September 2010, British Columbia has put in place strict impaired driving laws. Further amendments were made to the law in June 2012 to allow for a proper review process. Except in certain circumstances, most individuals who are believed to be driving while impaired will be dealt with by the administrative regime, as opposed to […]

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Impaired Driving Charges up 30% in BC: Do You have a good DUI Lawyer?

Posted on March 26, 2012

Through the beginning of 2012, the RCMP recorded a higher than usual number of impaired driving charges in the Lower Mainland.  Why is this occurring? Well many people are wondering if the charges are increasing in number due to confusion over the court ruling on B.C’s tough impaired driving laws. Do you understand B.C.’s Impaired Driving […]

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