Sexual Offences Cases

R. v. C.
Prior to retaining our office, Client was convicted of sexual offences involving three young persons, including his daughter. An appeal was brought to the British Columbia Court of Appeal and we obtained a new trial with respect to one of the complainants. A further appeal was taken to the Supreme Court of Canada where a new trial was ordered with respect to the two remaining complainants. Crown Counsel elected not to retry the client on any of the allegations.
R. v. S.
A young female complainant admitted in front of a jury that the allegations of sexual assault against here uncle were false. She testified under cross examination that she was influenced by her mother who had animosity toward the uncle to make the allegations. Crown Counsel then stayed the charges.
R. v. S.
Client was acquitted by jury of sexually assaulting his daughter by putting forth a defence of fabrication of the allegations due to an ongoing family law dispute.
R. v. P.
Client was acquitted by a jury of charges of historical sexual assaults of his daughter with a defence of false memory induced by therapy.
R. v. F.
Client was acquitted of sexual assault by a jury after putting forth defence of consent.
Client N. and Client W.
In each of these cases, the client was being investigated for sexual touching of minors. After being retained and us contacting the police, neither individual was charged with any criminal offence. In the case of Client N, we successfully convinced the police not to continue the investigation in a manner that would have caused devastating effects on the client’s business.
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