Criminal Matters


When charged with a criminal offence, or under criminal investigation, it is important that you speak with someone who understands the issues and get legal advice as soon as possible.

We will work from the moment you are arrested or contacted by the police to protect your rights and get you the best result.

With driving offences, there are important deadlines that you may be unaware of and that can be missed if you don’t seek legal advice immediately. It is crucial to call right away.


Assault / Spousal Assault

An assault conviction or even a charge can have serious consequences. These cases are usually contests of credibility. It is often difficult for a Judge to find beyond a reasonable doubt that an assault was committed. You may have a defence of self defence or that the altercation was consensual.

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Drug / Marijuana Grow Operation Charges

We have successfully defended hundreds of people charged with all forms of drug offences ranging from simple possession of a personal amount of cocaine or marijuana, marijuana grow operations or methamphetamine labs, dial-a-dope drug trafficking to elaborate conspiracies to import multiple kilograms of heroin.

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Fraud / Commercial Crime / Theft

Fraud and similar types of offences are considered to be crimes of dishonesty or “moral turpitude”. Convictions for these offences, even minor ones, can have very serious and long-term consequences for you.

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Money and Property Seizures / Civil Forfeiture

If the police discover large amounts of cash or other valuable property that cannot be explained legitimately, they may seize the cash or other property and attempt to have it forfeited to the government. It is important to speak with us prior to making any statement about the source of the funds, how they were obtained, or what they were intended to be used for.

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Murder / Robbery / Other Violent Offences

Mitch Foster has successfully conducted several murder trials, appeals of murder convictions, attempted murders, and other serious violent offences. Mr. Foster has significant experience in conducting jury trials in British Columbia Supreme Court and Alberta Court of Queens Bench, as well as having success up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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Sexual Offences

Sexual offence charges can be among the most emotionally charged cases. Simply being charged with an offence can have devastating consequences on a person’s life. Often, great pressure is brought to bear on a complainant by his or her family or the police. In many cases, the allegations are exaggerated and statements misinterpreted.

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Weapons / Firearms

Simple possession of firearms or imitation firearms in Canada can carry significant minimum jail sentences. Even if you have a firearms licence, it is a criminal offence to store firearms in an unsafe manner.

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Vancouver Riots

The Vancouver Riots prosecutions have finally come to an end. Mitch Foster represented a large number of clients, some under investigation, and many charged. He had great success in keeping the vast majority of his clients out of jail. Many who sought his advice prior to meeting the police were never charged.

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We will meet with you for a free lawyer consultation and explain the basics of your case, the defences you may have or how to maximize your settlement. In a confidential setting, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the process and what to expect. There is no obligation to retain us after the initial consultation, so there is absolutely no downside to contact us.

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