Fraud / Commercial Crime / Theft

Fraud / White Collar Crime

Fraud and similar types of offences are considered to be crimes of dishonesty or “moral turpitude”. Convictions for these offences, even minor ones, can have very serious and long-term consequences for you, such as:

  • Restrictions on future travel, particularly to the United States,
  • Immigration issues for the client personally, or if the client wishes to sponsor any family members to come to Canada,
  • Employment issues.

Sentences for these offences can include lengthy jail terms, restitution orders, and high fines.

We are experienced in defending all types of fraud / theft offences, from sophisticated fraud operations to thefts from employers, to simple shoplifting charges. Often we are successful in avoiding the laying of criminal charges altogether.

Be aware that any statements made to banks, employers, or anyone else can be used against you in court. Call us before speaking with anybody.

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