General Civil Litigation

We are able to assist you in a wide range of Civil Litigation matters. We have experience and a special interest in:

Estate Litigation / Wills Variation

Often family members feel unfairly treated when dealing with the family estate. There can be many reasons for this, whether it be misunderstandings and family conflict, or fraudulent actions by an outside party or predatory marriages.

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Business Disputes

Business disputes arise from partnership, shareholder or family owned business conflicts. They also include conflicts with landlords, suppliers and contractors.

We focus on dispute resolution. If the matter cannot be resolved quickly, and you determine the issue is worthwhile to fight for, you may choose to go the litigation route. We will work closely with you to determine what is the best route for a proper and cost-effective resolution of your particular matter. We can assist whether it be negotiation, mediation or litigation in the courts.


We represent market participants in court, regulatory proceedings or securities investigations.

Are you being investigated by the BC securities commission? Are you under criminal investigation for securities fraud?

We can give you proper representation through all levels of courts, commissions, or disciplinary and administrative hearings.

Professional Discipline

Licensed professionals do business under the watchful eye of their regulatory bodies. Whether you are a realtor, an accountant, an insurance agent, a mortgage broker, or lawyer, you may be investigated and subject to disciplinary hearings by your regulatory body.

Often your mandatory corporation will conflict with your right to silence which you have guaranteed under the criminal law. We can help you navigate these issues. We can assist you with representation in regulatory hearings, preparation for mandatory interviews and assist in preparing written submissions on your behalf.

If you are under investigation by your regulatory body, speak to us before attending any interviews.

Representation of Lawyers In Taxations Of Accounts

Is a client taxing your account? In a conflict such as this, you are unable to cross examine your own client. Mitch Foster has a special interest, and has successfully represented lawyers in account taxation matters before the registrar of British Columbia. If you are looking for an experienced litigator to cross examine your client, call Mitch Foster for experienced representation at a reasonable fee.

Free Consultation

We will meet with you for a free lawyer consultation and explain the basics of your case, the defences you may have or how to maximize your settlement. In a confidential setting, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the process and what to expect. There is no obligation to retain us after the initial consultation, so there is absolutely no downside to contact us.

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